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Good Foods For Your Teeth

Good Foods for Your Teeth

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Oral health and diet are directly and strongly correlated. There are several kinds of important minerals and vitamins that your teeth need to stay healthy and function. Certain foods, which are useful for developing muscles and bones, also keep your gums and teeth healthy. As a result, a balanced diet that consists of fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and other healthy nutrients is extremely important for your teeth.

Many of us prefer popping a supplement pill instead of eating healthy food. However, only natural food will provide you with maximum benefits and help you when you have to go to the dentist. There are several natural components that can’t be substituted in the form of pills or health supplements. Dental experts believe that a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are the key to good oral health. Dietary measures must be taken since the initial days which will help you any oral health issues.

There are several things you may have to add or remove from your diet to ensure good oral health. Here are some foods you can consume for good dental health:

1) Green Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables contain vital components like Vitamin A and Vitamin B. These vital nutrients will keep gums healthy and prevent diseases like overgrown gums, bleeding gums, etc.

2) Whole Cereals: Consuming whole cereals and pulses will fill you with Vitamin B. Vitamin B will prevent chapped & dry lips and also cure mouth and gum ulcers.

3) Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits such as oranges, gooseberries and limes are a rich source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts your immune systems and will keep your gums and teeth healthy. Consuming foods rich in Vitamin C will keep your gum tissue healthy.

4) Calcium-Rich Foods: Calcium is extremely required and beneficial for good oral health. Milk and yogurt are extremely rich in Calcium and helps build strong jaws and teeth. Similarly cheese is also rich in Calcium and Phosphate. Good levels of Calcium in the body will ensure that your tooth enamel is healthy and strong.

5) Meats: Consumption of meats and eggs will maintain the required levels of Magnesium and Zinc in your body. Foods such as poultry, fish and meats are extremely important as they also contain protein that is essential for gum developments. Strong gums and teeth are the base of any healthy body.

6) Mineral Components: Legumes such as soybeans, raisins, nuts, sea food, and molasses are extremely rich sources of Copper. Copper is a must for maintaining good dental health. Including bananas, figs, apricots, dates, raisins and tomatoes to your diet will remove any Potassium deficiencies. Foodstuffs rich in Zinc, such as sunflower seeds, spinach, mushrooms and liver, are very important for teeth and gum health. Including Iron rich foods such as spinach, iron rich cereals, whole grains, beef, and dry fruits will make your teeth healthy and strong. You can easily prevent any oral or dental problems with the usage of these simple dietary measures. Make sure your daily diet is full of nutrition and well balanced.